Thursday, July 15, 2010

Its Growing!!

Here are some comparison pics:

Looks like almost 2 inches of growth in 4 months; guess my hair grows 1/2 an inch a month.
Hopefully my bangs will touch my lips by November.

I've been keeping up with my regimen, oiling my scalp and keeping my hair well moisturized every day.  I moisturize and wear wigs during the day and moisturize again at night before bed.  I baggy some nights with my megatek/oil mix on my scalp and conditioner in my hair.  Here are more progress pics:

Looks like Im retaining every bit of length!  Yay!
Now for the moment of length after hot combing

I used a lot of heat to get it straight and it wont happen again any time soon.  I'll most likely do it again in 3 months (end of October) for my next length check. I hope to gain another inch by then!  I also hope to be APL by May 2011 and BSL by December 2011.  Lets see!