Thursday, September 1, 2011

Length Check and New Regimen

Its September 1st and I joined the 2 Inches In 2 Months challenge on LHCF (  This is the perfect time to do a length check and decide on a new regi.  My goal is to be APL (armpit length) by the end of the year.  That means growing and retaining 2 1/2 inches.  I think its possible.

Here are my length pics:
Past my lips.  This is the longest my bangs has ever been!

My left side is almost at 6 inches on the ruler.  Theres some breakage there due to constant flatironing.  I need to stop!
My right side is reaching 5 inches.  Some parts are at 6.  Theres a lot more breakage on this side.
The longest part is past 2 on my shirt. 
My edges are really bad. : (
Im going to say that I am a little past 2 on my shirt.  As you can see, I need growth of 2 1/2 inches for the back to reach APL. 

I believe its duable with the following regimen:

Stay in a weave for the rest of the year.  Take out after my current install and redo around the beginning of November.  Before installing, I will do a deep protein treatment with Aphogee 2 minute Reconstructor. 

I will condition every weekend and shampoo every 2 weeks. I will moisturize my hair daily with olive oil moisturizer and S Curl.  I'll greese my scalp with Wild Growth Oil with a few drops of peppermint and rosemary oil.  Smells bad but will promote growth.  I'll seal my ends of the hair left out with castor oil or vasaline. I really have to limit my heat and figure out another way to keep my left out hair straightened.  

As far as my diet, I am going to continue drinking tons of water.  I'll also watch what I eat and increase my protein.  I just ordered Nioxin Intensive Therapy Recharging Complex from and I hope to see some great progress from it.

Products I'll use:
Shampoo: Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Creamy Shampoo

Conditioner: Organic Root Stimulator Conditioner, Replenishing, Olive Oil

Deep treatment: Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise Treatment

Moisturizer/Sealant : Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Vasaline, S Curl

Scalp treatment: Wild Growth with drops of rosemary and peppermint oil

Vitamins: Nioxin Intensive Therapy Recharging Complex

Protein Treatment: Aphogee Two Step Protein Treatment

Will post more pics after my next install in November. Hope to see atleast an inch! : )