Friday, February 10, 2012

My Sacred Heart Diet Results

The Sacred Heart Diet is a 7-day eating plan that will clean out your system and rid you of at least 5-7 pounds after the 3rd day and 10-17 pounds after the 7 days. Details of this diet can be found at

On day 1 was pretty easy. I love soup and this soup is delicious so I enjoyed eating it all day. I ate a peach and some strawberries as well. My starting weight was 139. I burned 386 calories on the treadmill.

On day 2 wasn't bad. I ate the soup and added some broccoli as the additional veggy. For dinner I went to Wendy's and bought a plain baked potato with butter on the side. I burned 734 calories on the treadmill in an hour by walking at a speed of 3.7 on a 15 incline.

On day 3 was a little harder. I was not hungry but I craved everything other than the soup. Lasagna was hard to get off my mind. The meat, cheese, sauce...Mmm! Before going to bed I decided to take two Swiss Kriss tablets (laxative) to help with the cleansing process. I burned 234 in a half hour on the elliptical. I was too tired to do more but every bit counts and if you're going to cut time, go hard.

On day 4 I was a bit upset to see my weight the same as it was when I started the diet. This diet promises a weight loss of 5-7 pounds by the end of the third day if you have not cheated, which I did not. I decided to eat way more soup than I did the previous days and fill up until I was stuffed with it along with three bananas and 6 cups of milk. I'm not sure if it was the massive amount of soup I ate or the Swiss Kriss tablets but I went to the bathroom about 4 times. I hope this is my body getting rid of those pounds that the diet promises. I did not go to the gym today.

On day 5 was upsetting as well as I was still 139. I was excited about eating meat. I had my steaks with canned stewed tomatoes. I ate one serving of the soup. I made a new batch the day before and it's almost gone. I only have two servings left and I'm saving it for Day 6 and 7.

On day 6 I was happy to see that I went down to 137.5. I had two pieces of steak with broccoli for breakfast. Oh man that steak was juicy! I don't know if it's because it was marinating in the seasoning overnight or what but it was deeelish! I did not eat lunch. I wasn't really hungry plus I was out shopping for a couple of hours. That kept me busy and distracted from thinking about food. At around 6 pm I had the last steak. I did not have any soup for the day as I was supposed to. I just didn't want it. I did not work out today. I went to Modells to get a medicine ball. I plan to use that while on my stability ball to lose my belly fat and love handles.

On day 7 I could not believe my eyes. I weighed 136! I know it's only a 3 pound loss but I have not been in the mid 130s since 2010. My goal weight is 130 and I just might get there by the end of this month. I'm also proud of myself for actually completing a diet. I did not cheat in any way and the crazy thing is that I was actually able to easily fight cravings or giving in while fast food or any food other than the meals on my plan were right in my face. My view was:
1. There will be more when I'm off the diet
2. Why give in now when I'm only going to regret it as soon as I finish eating it
3. Let me finish a challenge for once in my life
4. Summer, summer, summer. I want to have a comfortable summer. Bikini here I come!

On day 8 I weighed in at 135 pounds. That's a 4 pound loss since starting the diet and a 16 1/2 pound loss since the beginning of December. I lost 11 1/2 pounds in December from eating clean. When January rolled around, everyone else was starting their new years resolution of fitness while I lived in the fast food restaurants. I ended up gaining two stubborn pounds. Now those pounds are history due to this diet and exercise.

Although I did not achieve the promised results, I feel lighter, more energetic and clean inside. This was a great jump start for my goal. I do recommend the Sacred Heart Diet. This is a great diet where you lose weight and toxins without starving or eating smaller portions.