Sunday, December 19, 2010

Its been one year since my last relaxer!

This is definetly the longest that I have stretched my relaxers.  My plan is to stay natural for some time but I wont lie...its tough!  My hair is tough!  I also miss seeing the sleekness I had when I wore ponytails or when my hair was straightened and wrapped.  I guess I need to find a really good straightener. 
My last relaxer was December 19, 2009.  Here is what my hair looked like then:

As you can also see, this was before my hair tragedy.

Anyway, I am now 100% napylicious!  My goal for 2011 is to grow and retain atleast 6 inches.  Thats half an inch a month bringing me to APL (Armpit length).  To achieve this goal, I will continue to wear cornrows under wigs and weaves.  Its very quick and simple and also less manipulation.  I'll be back with end of the year pics so we can see what Im working with next year.  Stay tuned.